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The Post-Covid-19 Bar Scene in Shanghai Through the Eyes of a Brazilian Entrepreneur

Expecting a potential second wave of coronavirus, entrepreneurs like GEO, thrive to launch new businesses and survive through these troubled times. This is a new transformation for Shanghai nightlife.
Shanghai Rebellion The Broken Dagger Entrance

Shanghai Rebellion proudly presents our SR rebel “GEO”, once a blacksmith from Sao Paulo, now the global ambassador of Camus Cognac, and the partner and founder of UP one of the hippest clubs in town, his latest concept bar The Broken Dagger has already become the Must-Visit bar in the city. His unstoppable passion and energy for the F&B industry along with his incredible vision have transformed the nightlife scene in Shanghai to the next level, take it up a notch! GEO undoubtedly represents the spirit of a true SR Rebel, we are so glad to catch the chance to have a heart-heart with him in the midst of an electrifying Shanghai night.

Shanghai Rebellion The Broken Dagger Geo

GEO was born in Sao Paulo, Brazil but grew up in Chile, he started working in the nightlife scene quite young in Chile and then moved to Dubai, Thailand, until MINT club hired him and brought him over to the city of Shanghai in 2013. He’s now a father of 2 wonderful boys and a bike lover. “Oh! And my name is not Geo(酒), I basically took the sound of how to pronounce Alcohol in Chinese and set my nickname on my first week in Shanghai.”

As a business developer himself, “Everything started right after a great venue called UNICO at the Shanghai Bund, right after I developed the change of The Captain at the Bund as a hidden bar at a known hostel in the bund area, was a great concept to grow in Shanghai. I teamed UP after with another F&B personality, Victor, and we moved the concept of UP Shanghai as an Urban Club concept. After that my latest concept has been made right before the pandemic stage of Shanghai called The Broken Dagger. This has been my more personal aimed concept in Shanghai. Aiming a more dual concept that was strongly helped by The Orange Blow Fish and HCreates. Allowing me to bring a concept where classic and modern mixology with a Mid/High energy music ambiance.”

It was definitely not easy for UP & The Broken Dagger (TBD) during the Covid-19 lockdown, luckily GEO received some investment beforehand which allowed him to keep the business afloat during this challenging time. GEO never forgot to keep close touch with their regular customers and also tried to understand their needs and concerns to take measures before the bars were opened. “Also, our area government was very useful to let us know all the possible measures to keep everyone safe and at the same time allowing us to re-open our business.”

Shanghai Rebellion The Broken Dagger Cocktail 1

This pandemic has also brought to his mind “To care way more of every aspect of safety and hygiene to ensure the trust and fidelity of our customers.” He also mentioned that for a period of time some of the bars in Shanghai tried to make delivery cocktails to guests’ homes to sustain some businesses. “However, after so many closures of bars and restaurants, there will be a new wave of new businesses, which people will look more for higher quality comparing to the old ways of some businesses in the past.”

GEO still believes that “compared to the global market Shanghai has one of the most resilient bar businesses operating right now. New venues are adapting a smaller venue format to try to be safe in the future. If a second wave of Covid 19 comes up there is no certain vision to understand the steps to follow by either landlords or government. Which leaves us in a very unstable position. By now it’s not certain how the bars and restaurants will act or be developed at this stage.”

Shanghai Rebellion The Broken Dagger Geo 2

As the global brand ambassador of Camus Cognac, GEO keeps connecting with other 8 countries at the same time while working diligently on his own exciting projects in Shanghai. If you are lucky, you might be able to catch him at his latest bar project The Broken Dagger for a night on the town. He has the most contagious and genuine smile surely you can’t miss him in the crowd. 🙂

Fancy a drink?

Because there are people like GEO in the city of Shanghai, who are so courageous and full of dreams, always try to be better and elevate the city higher and higher, Shanghai will always be a special place for us. Thank you SR Rebels, you made the city special! #RISEUP The sky has no limit!

For more info about The Broken Dagger, please follow them by scan the QR code below:

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