Revitalizing the Shanghai Times Square Shopping Mall in Pudong

With the redesign of the Shanghai Times Square, Japanese architecture firm Nendo brings a state-of-the-art shopping mall experience to shoppers.

Japanese architecture firm Nendo has revived the old shopping mall into a stunning curtain-like facade and ethereal brilliant interior design. The Huarun Times Square located in Pudong, Shanghai was first opened in 1997, and was home to several high-end and luxury brands. It is fair to say that 23 years later, it was time for a new look. The building located in Pudong, Shanghai, with its 9 floors will cover a total area of 53,200 square meters and host 170 brands, restaurants and other shops. The studio shifted the basic functions of a commercial area into a spatial configuration reminiscent of a theater. Nendo descrbes: “Theaters are also generally designed so viewers in any seat have a good view of the stage, and here too, the structure is deliberately tiered to draw the eye. ” The revamp is expected to give a fresh head-start to the shopping-mall.

Nendo describes the facade: “Screens made of aluminum pipes were inspired by stage curtains draping over the building façade and atrium. An image mirroring the draping design was also applied on the main pillars and stone wall finish. Further, we took the arch-shaped motif framing the front of a stage, the proscenium arch, and actively applied it to partitions, furniture, and even lighting in anticipation of an added softness and intimacy to the space.”

The food court is a nice clin-d’oeil to the world of music and performance, with design elements directly resembling a piano keyboard “to a sundry shop floor with a spotlight motif, we filled the interior with multiple design elements reminiscent of a theater. Last but not least, the facility’s interior signage plan was designed imagining the parting of curtains as the performance begins.”

Shanghai has seen prodigious growth and change, especially in its shopping infrastructure, gradually the shopping mall had lost its appeal and relevancy. This revamping architecture project seeks to start a new era for luxury shopping and lifestyle experience, a welcome take on an old-fashioned shopping-mall. The architecture firm Nendo was founded by Oki Sato, born in Toronto, Canada now based in Tokyo, its various architecture, interior design, graphic art and installations were featured on various museums and magazines all around the world.

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Feeling inspired? Grab your pencil! Who knows, the city might needs your architecture skills

Learn more about Shanghai Times Square:

Learn more about Nendo:

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