Formula 1 Wants Shanghai to Host Two Races This Year

Despite the growing concerns amid the recent new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing, the highest class of single-seater auto racing, Formula 1, shows a growing interest in Shanghai for this year's main races in Asia.
Chinese Grand Prix

Shanghai officials have confirmed Formula One has offered the city the opportunity to host 2 Formula One races for the season. These two major races would potentially take place at the Shanghai International Circuit where the Chinese Grand Prix should have happened last April but was unfortunately canceled due to the pandemic. The head of the Shanghai Sports Bureau Xu Bin has mentioned that they could not come to a final decision yet, most likely due to the coronavirus outbreak risks and logistics problems to host such events. Xu Bin told Shanghai People’s Radio: “This was proposed by the F1 management company. Everyone knows that F1 has officially announced that they have resumed the first eight European races this year, but none of them are in Asia.” […] “We are still communicating with F1 to see if there is any possibility of hosting two races in Shanghai, but there is no final decision yet. Of course, we should see how the virus is being controlled.” This year the Formula One should kick off in Austria with a double-header in July 5 and July 12.

The world of sports has been put on hold due to the pandemic and unfortunately for Formula 1, arguably the pinnacle of autosport, things are no different as the organization is also facing a major slow-down (pun not intended). In Asia, Japan and Singapore races have been canceled. If Shanghai can close the deal and come to an agreement with Formula One, this would be a major success for the city during these harsh and strange times, a great opportunity to energize the local economy and sports industry. Meanwhile, a recent new coronavirus outbreak in Beijing have put on halt most events and outdoor activities. Xu commented: “Despite a lot of changes of our events due to the pandemic, we have received support from international sport organisations and national associations for some of our events.” For these two races to happen it would take a bit of luck, and strong cooperation from locals to respect the confinement rules set-up in China. We are hopeful that F1 and Shanghai can turn this around and make the races happen. An F1 double-header could bring a very welcome breath of fresh air to the city, especially after these long weeks of confinement.

Alfa Romeo Racing C38 during the Chinese GP at Shanghai International Circuit. Credit: photo by Jerry Andre

Meanwhile, we’ll be standing by for some F1 action in Shanghai.

(F1 exhausts have no sound muffler. All of this for a maximum performance!)

With that double-header, Shanghai’s going for the home-run. So, cross your fingers!🤞

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