Cadillac House Redefines the Luxury Car Showroom Experience in Shanghai

The American luxury automobile car maker Cadillac aims to expand its influence in the Chinese market with this innovative and ambitious showroom designed by Gensler architects.
Cadillac House – exterior view by night

Cadillac House showcases its brand’s legacy with a stunning display of cutting-edge architecture and new technology. Opened last year, the showroom, which is somehow closer to what you could expect from a car museum, was tailored for the Chinese market. Andreas Schaaf, Cadillac China’s vice president said “Cadillac House provides customers an unmatched opportunity to learn about the technology, craftsmanship, cultural influence, manufacturing capability, and quality of the brand,”  The 6,444 square meters structure will operate as a showroom with multimedia content and immersive experiences including: VR, a digital forest, a sound experience called the Cadillac Soundscape and other 3D co-creation with designers and creative groups. As the brand puts it, a new mean for customers to “take a deep dive into Cadillac’s innovation and craftsmanship in exciting new ways.” Located in Jinqiao, Pudong, Cadillac House will be right next to SAIC-GM’s Cadillac plant, which means customers will be able to see their vehicles being built. The cherry on the cake is almost certainly the Water Stage in front of the building for the new car deliveries.

Cadillac House steel facade by day

The architecture firm that designed Cadillac House, Gensler, had to coordinate efforts from their American and Chinese offices to deliver the cutting-edge architecture promise. Gensler senior associate Tim Jacobson commented: “We worked hand-in-hand with the LDI and structural engineers to massage the form as necessary to accommodate the member sizes necessary without compromising the design aesthetic we hoped to achieve.” The project hopes to reiterate the success of Cadillac House SoHo in New York. More than 10,000 stainless steel panels were set together to form the beautiful exterior of the building. The design of the building is an ode to Cadillac aesthetics. Gensler describes: “The project expresses the “world within Cadillac,” an inward expression of the company’s past, present, and future; and “Cadillac in the world,” an outward perspective focused on its global image.” […] “As visitors ascend, engagement with the brand deepens, with cultural moments, digital and tactile exhibits, a music library, materials display, interactive touchpoints, and personalized moments to create a holistic journey.”

Cadillac House indoor

The building is topped with LEED, (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) the certification is the most widely used green building rating system in the world. Solar panels and natural light will try to enhance the consumption-reduction and green footprint of the building. Andreas Schaaf, vice president of Cadillac China said: “Cadillac House provides customers an unmatched opportunity to learn about the technology, craftsmanship, cultural influence, manufacturing capability and quality of the brand, it will help Cadillac stand out among luxury brands and bring the essence of the New American Luxury experience to the emerging base of luxury vehicle buyers in China.” The luxury car market is a flourishing business in China, Cadillac shows its confidence to establish its presence locally. With its international and ambitious profile, Shanghai continues to inspire brands from all around the world to create new innovative architecture.

Cadillac House in Shanghai

Ready to hop-in for a test-drive?

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