Smurfs Opens Today Its World First Theme Park in Shanghai

Following the footsteps of other major entertainment franchises, Smurfs opens today its first theme park in Shanghai.
Smurfs theme park – Interior

Smurfs are ready to bring some competition to the Disney dominated theme-parks market in Asia. The comic book franchise created in 1958 by Belgian comics artist Peyo quickly has expanded into films, video-games, merchandise, and finally theme parks. The theme park designed by KCC Design Entertainment aims at becoming a new entertainment landmark in the city. The theme park will cover a total space of 30,000 square meters and will feature attractions, performance, parades, and interactive games. Though targeted at kids the theme park does not shy away from its intentions to entertain parents equally with a varied selection of attractions. The park will feature 29 smurfs attractions including a roller coaster, a Garmadel’s interactive ghost house, and a 3D ride.

Smurfs theme park outdoor

Yannick Maes, CEO of KCC commented: “We want the visitor to be completely immersed into the life of the Smurfs and get the feeling they are part of the Smurfs family, […] By adapting the light and by using projections, we will mimic different times of the day and different weather conditions.” KCC Entertainment Design wants the theme park to respect the United Nations and UNICEF’s 17 sustainable goals. Yannick Maes said: “We have integrated these goals throughout the park in a non-intrusive and playful way on interactive screens and in park-wide quests,”

Smurfs theme park top view

You can expect seasonal makeover and special events that will occur throughout the year such as the Chinese Smurf Year, Smurfy Halloween and The Smurfs Berry Festival. The theme park will feature high-tech experiences like augmented reality and holographic projection. The park design was scaled up, here you are not a giant human, instead, you will experience the world just like the smurfs experience it.

Smurfs theme park indoor

The project is the fruit of a collaboration between Shimao Property Holdings, IMPS, and KCC Entertainment Design. Shanghai has become an ideal location for both international and local tourists, the city has attracted several brands to innovate and try new things to get their share of the pie. In the past 2 years alone, Toy Story and Peppa Pig have also opened their own parks in Shanghai. This will be a great way to start the month of June. Last month Disney announced it has absorbed a 1 billion dollars loss due to the pandemic. The opening of a new theme park is a good sign for the entertainment industry in Shanghai and the local economy will benefit greatly from increased tourism.

Smurfs theme park night time
Smurfs Merch in Shanghai Smurfs Park
Smurfs theme restaurant at the park
Smurfs ain’t so happy about the pandemic inviting itself to the opening

So, will you stay at home a little longer or go out and explore the world of smurfs?

We’re all up for a Smurfs party. See you soon!


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