The All Digital Shanghai Fashion Week Leads a New Way Forward in the Fashion Industry

The Shanghai Fashion Week stunned the world with its full digital edition reimagining fashion shows. Could it be the start of a new era for Fashion?

The first week of April has seen the beginning of a new era in Fashion. The pandemic situation has put tremendous strains on every event all around the world, Shanghai Fashion Week was one of those major events that had to find a quick solution for its 2020 edition. More than 150 designers have gathered to produce in partnership with Tmall (the online marketplace of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba group) the biggest and the first ever full digital fashion week. The “fashion week on the cloud” has revolutionized the idea of a fashion show by putting brands closer than ever to their consumers with an instant and easily affordable access to the runways. With the pandemic Shanghai Fashion Week took the opportunity to break the rules and make their shows available for a much wider public, after all consumers are the true opinion leaders of the world. “VIP invitation only” could be a thing of the past since fashion brands may move ahead to create more digital fashion shows.

Angel Chen, Akira inspired Digital Fashion Week was slick

Earlier this year the Milan Fashion Week and Paris Fashion Week also have tried to bring some of their most important shows on live-streaming, but the stunt was limited due to the the small amount of shows available. For the event Tmall has put on the line the best of its technology to pioneer a new genre of fashion week. Mike Hu, head of Tmall Fashion told: “For this edition of Shanghai Fashion Week, we have integrated some of Alibaba’s most-advanced technologies to bring a new and elevated experience to consumers,”

Pinko Livestream during the Shanghai Fashion Week

It is interesting to note how quickly the Shanghai Fashion Week has become a Big Deal in the Fashion world. Started in 2001 with its first edition, it took only a few years before the Shanghai Fashion Week joined the big 4 Fashion Weeks of New York, London, Milan and Paris. The attractiveness of Chinese luxury consumer market has brought brands from all around the world to invest in the Chinese market. This time the event gave designers more freedom in the way they could showcase their brand, the traditional runaways stood along other format similar home-shopping network channels. The broadcasts have generated 11 million views, which translated into an outstanding conversion rate of 26 % profits.

Shanghai Fashion Week all digital setup

The event has put Shanghai at the forefront of digital fashion and proved that with quick preparation and innovation the city could create a memorable, accessible, fan-friendly and business-efficient solution in times of a pandemic. The Shanghai Digital Fashion Week has set a new landmark for digital shows that other brands from all the world will seek inspiration from. What did you think about this very special edition? Are you eager to see more virtual shows on digital platforms?

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