Shanghai on Its Way to Become the Esports Capital of The World

Esports is an already massive phenomenon and new entertainment powerhouse with an industry worth more than 1 billion dollars. With the LOL Worlds Championship taking place in Shanghai, the city takes a big step closer to becoming the Esports Capital of the World.
Shanghai Stadium, aerial view

Riot Games, Tencent owned American gaming company behind the MOBA game League of Legends has big plans for the year 2020. Despite growing concerns due to the covid19 effects on the economy and several cancellations of events Vice Director of Shanghai of Pudong District Propaganda Wei Huang has confirmed that the event announced back in November 2019 will take happen as planned in October in Shanghai.

2020 Shanghai League Of Legends World Finals Announcement

Last year the World Championship finals took place in Paris. This year the event is expected to take place at the Pudong District of Shanghai at the Shanghai stadium. Riot Games explained their choice describing the city as a “global hub of finance, innovation, transportation, and trade.” Shanghai is also home of the LPL, one of the biggest esports brands of the world. The Riot Games spokesperson said: “Already the headquarters of the LPL, China’s premier League of Legends Esports league, Shanghai is a world-class city and one of the biggest esports centers in the world. The energy and passion from our fans when the metropolis hosted the 2017 World Championship semifinals was unbelievable, and we are excited to return to Shanghai in 2020.”

2020 will be a turning point for the esports industry in Shanghai. Riot Games, the driving force behind League of Legends, with the support of Tencent can develop its esports platform like never before and turn this opportunity into one of the biggest esports event of all time.

Dota 2 “The International” at Shanghai Mercedes Benz Arena 2019

Back in 2017 the Shanghai municipality had revealed a plan to boost the city creative and entertainment industries, with one main goal to turn Shanghai into the Esports Capital of the world. The City is not alien to major esports event, last year League of Legends competitor Dota 2 hosted its esports event “The International” at the Mercedes Benz Arena with thousands of attendees and a total prize pool of more than 30 million dollars. On top of big-scale esports events Shanghai also plans to design several more slick esports venues to give more space to the booming industry.

Jackeylove fans at the 2019 League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational

To achieve the goal of becoming the capital of esports the city has even created new standards for the construction and operation of esports venues. Shopping malls have shown a growing interest in building their own esports venues to attract new customers. Xiao Hong, CEO of the gaming company Perfect World Zhengqi told: “Shanghai has the best environment for esports in the country – both in facilities and government policies.”

We can expect the city to set a new world standard for esports venues and push the boundaries of entertainment with milestone esports events. Meanwhile 55,000 attendees are expected at the Shanghai 2020 LOL World Championship, will you be part of it?

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