We Are Back. And We Have Plans

Shanghai Rebellion returns officially after more than 2 years of absence. Discover our plans for the year 2020 and onward. Time has come to take a big step forward into the unknown!

It has been a long time since we have communicated with you SR Rebels. First we would like to thank you for following us all this time. We cannot believe it! Its been already 5 incredible years since the birth of Shanghai Rebellion. The city have changed and we have changed a lot as well. We have had a difficult time for the past two years hesitating on the direction our platform should go. We are now more confident than ever about the direction to take, and there is a huge amount of stories that we have yet to cover. Shanghai Rebellion always had a special place in our heart, and most of this is thanks to you guys who have been sharing and liking our content for years and years.

For 2020 we take the chance to revamp our website and start-off fresh, we will open 5 categories of content: Design, Food & Drinks, Entertainment, Wellbeing and Business. We also have created a simple job listing page with the hope to help you SR Rebels pursue your dream career and unlock your full potential in Shanghai. Of course that does not mean we forget about the awesome photographs that you all love, but rather that we seek to expand our content to further reach in order for us to deliver a broader genre of articles.

#ShanghaiRebellion2020 #SRRebels #RISEUP

We have put a tremendous amount of work for this platform to work the past 5 years, and we are willing to push the boundaries to create richer and more awesome content. We will be open to partnership and sponsored content as long as it is aligned with our editorial line. Of course creative contest, merchandise and giveaways are in the plan, there is so much to think about our head is literally about to explode lol.

There are many people around us who moved in and out of the city, and yet we have so many exciting and moving stories to tell, new places and new stuff to discover. Shanghai has most definitely changed our lives like it has impacted yours. Together we want to take a big step forward into the unknown! RISE UP The Sky Has No Limit!


  1. Note: currently as of date of posting 2020/05/16 the categories are still empty since our website is freshly new. You can expect a lot more to show up in the upcoming weeks. You can also expect a few changes on the website design and layout, among other things, there is still work to do. :p


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